START PROCESSING TRANSACTIONS ... Once you have your Credit Card Merchant Account established with the bank ... AND you have completed the NEW MERCHANT SIGN-UP FORM ... you will be ready to begin processing credit cards within a matter of hours!

The next logical step will be to interface your web site PAY/CHECK OUT/JOIN button to our SECURE servers. Right Connection even provides the html code that make this happen with a "Set-Up Wizard" specifically for merchant use. It's simple ... the Wizard asks you who you are, what you are selling, and how much it costs. Instantly you are supplied with code that looks like this:
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="merchant_account" VALUE="MrMerchant">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="trans_amount" VALUE="49.95">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="user2" VALUE="Green Widget">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mode" VALUE="remote">
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Order Now - $49.95">

The code even create the Purchase Button for you! In a matter of minutes, you can drop this remote code into your web page and be accepting credit cards on-line, real-time, while the customer is still on-line.

If you are using a SHOPPING CART PROGRAM, the total and the product description is sent directly over to us. The shopping cart does the above code for you. Right Connection can interface with ANY shopping cart program. We are not interfaced with everything on the market, but we are willing to work with any company.

The process is simple. With an established Right Connection Processing Account for you. Your merchant ID (line 2) would be reconized by our high-speed commerce servers. Other hidden information (lines 3-5) about the sale like price, description and type of commucication are also transmitted with this hidden code. The transaction (and customer) is sent instantly to commerce transaction servers to collect customer billing information and gain an approval or denial from the bank.

Upon an Approval, the funds are transfered from the customers credit card account, through your Credit Card Merchant Account, directly into YOUR bank account! The customer is transmitted a sale receipt, and the you receive a receipt/shipping order. Membership accounts are taken directly to User ID and Password selection areas.

  • It just doesn't get any easier than that!

  • No hardware to buy, No software to buy ... No lease to sign

  • You can be processing e-commerce in a matter of minutes!

We will conduct a few tests ... give you instructions on using your Administration Section and how to make Manual Transactions from ANY web browser. Thatís right Öanywhere you can access the Internet, you can collect money from a potential customer. Your worries are over! We monitor all of the hardware 24/7, keep the equipment current, keep the software current and updated with new features, make sure your transactions are quick and seamless, while you spend your valuable time marketing and promoting your web site.

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