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Right Connection offers complete HOSTING and CO-LOCATION services to all customers. Whether your business is small and growing, or seasoned and in need of special services, Right Connection is here to help.

Any company still operating from in-house servers without their own IT department monitoring the servers 24/7 should be hosting or co-locating in a professional facility. Your company web presence is now one of the most important tools your business can have. Do you really want your customers seeing "unable to connect" when they seek out your website?

Right Connection is very service oriented. We believe in one on one service and being there for our customers. We are here for YOU.

  • Network Features
    • All Cisco Routers
    • Redundant Routers
    • All Cisco Switches
    • Redundant Switches
    • Triple-Homed Connections
      (UUnet, Sprint, Geneuity)
    • Multiple SONET Fiber Optic Connections
    • Redundant Firewalls
  • Facility Features
    • Redundant UPS (A & B Circuits)
    • Redundant PDU (A & B Circuits)
    • Redundant Air Conditioning Systems
    • Automatic Transfers Switches For Electrical Systems
    • 2 Seperate Power Circuits To All Network Equipment and Servers
    • FM-200 Fire Suppression System
    • Bio-Metric Access to Data Center
    • PIN-based Access To Individual Cabinets
    • 24x7 Video Surveillance
    • 24x7 Maned Facility
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