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Managed Services

Do you need reliable, multi-platformed professional technicians and engineers monitoring your web, mail and datbase servers? Where do you find someone to monitor your equipment 24/7 while you promote and operate your business. Hiring these professionals in-house would cost over ten thousand dollars per month. Can you go on vacation and not worry about your web servers. Right Connection handles both the small web entrpuneuer as well as seasoned internet business models. Why ... because we are there when you need us to be ... twenty four hours per day, seven days per week!

Right Connection provides a comprehensive suite of Managed Services. From expert Linux, Solaris and Windows support, e-commerce solutions to streaming servers we can help your business do business better. Below is a list of services we offer. If you do not see a service listed below that you are interested in, please contact us.

Don't know where to start? We do! Whether you are just starting out or have a complex problem that you need help solving, Right Connection's professionals can help you accomplish whatever your goals are. Equipment purchasing, network engineering, O/S installations, Web Design, we are there for you!.
Technical Support
Need a helping hand? Can't configure your webserver properly? Mail server getting you down? Let us help. This service is designed for customers who have a decent knowledge of the Internet but might need some guidance. In most cases this is not a service we charge for. The "big boys" just consider you an account number and don't have the dedicated attitude to help you. We are there for you!
Server Administration
We offer full Hands On Administration for Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD and Windows based servers. From keeping your servers secure to installing new software we can help you. This is an ideal solution for customers who are new to systems administration or who wish to minimize overhead by outsourcing their IT infrastructure. Remote administration (means you currently do not have a server co-located or dedicated server package with Right Connection, but you still require this service) is available. Server administration rates start at $150/hr USD. Discounts are available to customers who wish to subscribe to monthly administration packages. We also offer maintenence packages. We are there for you!
Firewall Administration
Right Connection provides packet filtering services for each co-location and dedicated server client free of charge. However, should you need a dedicated firewall for VPN, natd, traffic shaping or any other reason, we can procure and configure it for you (we use Nokia/CheckPoint FW-1 and Cisco PIX firewalls) and administer it for you. Firewall administration rate vary on the complexity of the project. We are there for you!
Expert Cisco Support
Complete Cisco support is available to our customers through several service contracts with Cisco CCIEs and CCNEs. Whatever you want to accomplish, we are there for you!
Server Monitoring
We monitor your servers around the clock using our automated software. If your server goes down, our software, will notify both our NOC and yourself within 60 seconds via email or SMS (paging support coming soon). This service is provided free of charge to all co-location and dedicated server customers. This service can also be provided for remote customers at very reasonable rates.
Service Monitoring
Right Connection can monitor every service on your servers. Give us the IP and port number and we will configure our software to watch these services for you. Should a service fail, you will be notified within 60 seconds. You also have the option of having us notified as well if you have purchased a server administration package with us. This service is available to remote customers.
Web Content Monitoring
A CGI script just went wild. Your webserver is listening on it's specified port, but is it serving content? Right Connection can ensure your webserver has optimum availability by monitoring this content for you. This service is available to remote customers.
Node Monitoring
Your servers are working fine, but how about your UPS, routers or switches? Most of these devices can be monitored with simple software that is provided with the product. We can usually monitor these devices with SNMP, ICMP pings or by parsing web content. Our software is modular and flexible and can adapt to most any device. This service is available to remote customers.
Data Integrity
Data Storage
Store your valuable data on our RAID powered network storage solutions. These servers are only accessible from our LAN and not accessible from the Internet. Your data will be well looked after. Using our private net you will not be billed for traffic incurred by data backups. Backup services are billed at $7.50 per GB stored with a minimum of 5 GB and increasing in 5 GB intervals. Quotas are enforced.
On-site Data Backup
Combined with our data storage solution, we can backup your data to tape, CD or DVD and provide you with copies or store it in-house, to be used in the event of a server failure. Tape writes can be done as often as you like. We bill for this service on a per-usage basis.
Off-site Data Backup
Right Connection maintains a storage solution outside the geographical area of our Network Operations Centers. This adds an extra layer to our data integrity solutions. No matter what incidents may occur, your data will be safe. This service is available to remote clients. Fees are based on traffic and disk usage.
Private Net
We provide customers the option of having a private data path ethernet feed for inter-network traffic and for data backups. This solution is ideal for customers who have multiple server or use data backups on a frequent basis. We do not charge for data transmitted over this network.
Dedicated Hosting
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