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Did you ever think you might like to be in the Internet Payment Processing business, but didn't have the equipment and software and banking connections to make it a reality? Right Connection can make it happen for you. We have been the backbone processing center for several large Internet processing companies. You do the marketing, we do the processing.

Resellers have three options with Right Connection.

  1. Be a Services Reseller. With this program, Right Connection provides processing services to any customer you find needing real-time services. You call the shots ... you call the price the merchant pays for their processing services and we provide those services. When we bill the merchant, you get the difference between the wholesale and the retail you specified. Very easy program that can make you thousands of dollars per month without touching a single transaction.

  2. Be a Virtual Processor. With the Virtual Processor program, we actually make YOU the credit card processor! You obtain the domain name that suits you and we process the transactions under that domain name. Many large retailers use this service so their customers see only their name when "checking out," but the same program can actually allow you to create a website and begin selling Internet Payment Services yourself ... just like Right Connection. You will have the same fast speed, same features and top notch technicians watching the equipment and backing you up on software-related issues.

    And can you make some money? Bar far. Imagine this ... each transaction server is capable of handling 20,000 transactions per month. That can handle hundreds of smaller merchants all paying you a $25.00 monthly service fee. If you can market up 200 merchants that need credit card processing (and they all do), you can make $5000.00 per month on the service fees alone, not to mention the .25 per transaction charge! 200 merchants can easily bring your monthly processing income to $10,000. Your cost for the Virtual Processing System is $1000.00 flat per transaction server. You make a healthy $9,000 per box. Do that two or three times and you are making some sweet passive income.

  3. Be a POScart Reseller. Wait until you see our business website builder / shopping cart builder tool. Forget all of the website authoring tools like Front Page, Dreamweaver, and Webtricity. Now you can build a quality website from any computer connected to the Internet ... with minimal computer skills. Advanced templates help make modern designs that rival even the $5000 websites. Anyone in a matter of thirty minutes can make an entry-level business website, hosted and fully-functional to accept credit cards (CCMA Required) and ready for the public to see.

    Right Connection offers RESELLERS a wholesale price for POScart and we bill the customer $59.95 per month for the hosting and credit card processing services. Now that's a steal! Free website builder tool, hosting and credit card processing all for $59.95. It's almost unbelievable!


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