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Payment Processing

Payment processing is a little more complicated than web hosting to order. Each merchant has a Merchant ID Number (MID) and a specific bank processing center they must send their transactions to. It is very important to pay attention to detail when settiing up these accounts.

Click one of the buttons below to get things started on your new account. When these applications are submitted, we are immediately notified and will react to your request.

Credit Card Merchant Account (CCMA)

If you don't have a special bank account that allows you to accept credit cards and desire to open this account, we will have a bank representitive respond to your application immediately. The CCMA account is a different bank account than your normal business bank account, but your funds are automatically transfered to your regular business account. Click here to complete your application.


Internet Credit Card Processing Accounts

If you already have a credit card processing account (CCMA), Right Connection can start processing credit cards through your website immediately. It is very important we have specific information about your account, including the Merchant ID number (MID) and bank processing center. Filling out this order form will get things rolling.


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