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Visa/MasterCard CVV@/CVC2 American Expres CID

Special Card ID Numbers
(CVV2 - CVC2 - CID)

In the continuing battle to counter credit card fraud, and specifically credit card generator programs, MasterCard/Visa/American Express has implemented a special card ID number system that would require the person using the credit card to have more than just the number to prove the card is actually in hand. There is now a special ID number on the signature line of all new credit cards. It is the last three numbers on the line. Visa International calls this CVV2 ... Mastercard calls this CVC2 ... and American Express calls this CID.

Basically they all serve the same function. The present a new challenge to the credit card generator hackers by requiring an additional number that is random and can not be associated with the card algorithm. The MasterCard / Visa special ID numbers are located on the back of the card, on the signature line. American Express cards have a four-digit number on the front of the card.

As of quarter three of year 2002, only a hand full of credit card processing banks require the use of the CVV2, even though there is a field on the global credit card processing form. It would be a good idea if ALL merchants began requiring their customers to enter these numbers to complete transactions.

As a merchant you are always the subject of fraud by people desiring to take advantage of you. Your best defense against hackers and wrong doers is requiring a phone number to call and confirm the order, only send orders to the verified addresses where the credit card bills actually arrive, and correct verification of the Special ID numbers. Sure these items add a little bit of extra work, but they yield such wonderful safeguards.

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