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The Internet is supposed to be one big happy International shopping ground, right? Well it is and it isn`t. Yes, you can take orders from someone in Venezuela, Turkey or Malaysia. However, in many foreign countries online credit card fraud is a huge problem. And to make matters worse, there is currently no fully-functioning international address verification. Visa Internation has implemented a new program for non-United States credit cards, but we are probably looking at years before this becomes a viable system to rely upon.

As a merchant, you need to decide how you want to handle foreign orders. If you do want to accept foreign orders, you should take steps to guard against fraud, before you start shipping product overseas. By utilizing some of the AVS filters available within the IPPS software, you can sufficiently reduce your level of exposure to fraud while at the same time expanding your market to accept International orders. IPPS is already capable of handling many of the new AVS codes and we continually update our software when new codes are added.

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