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How to Integrate with IPPS

The second option is a bit more complicated.



This will automatically post to your script, extract html, and print your custom html on the approval page. Here is an example section of a perl script that uses the FORCEPOST method:

print "<HEAD>\n<TITLE>Complete</TITLE>\n</HEAD>\n";
print "\n";
print "<!--BEGIN-->\n";
print "<CENTER>\n<P ALIGN=center>\n<FONT SIZE=+2>\n";
print "Your sign-up is complete.</FONT><P> You may now enter the \n";
print "<A HREF=\"$protected_url\">Protected AREA</A> using your User ID of \n";
print "<B>$contents{'username'}</B> and Password of <B>$contents{'password'}</B><BR>\n";
print "<!--END-->\n";
print "</CENTER>></DIV></TABLE></TABLE>";

With this code everything between the <!--BEGIN--> and <!--END--> will be printed on the transaction approval page. Make sure those tags are on their own line otherwise the forcepost will fail. If the forcepost fails the script defaults to the POST method and displays a button to post into your script. That's it!

Now we'll go on to parsing the response from IPPS.

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