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Our fully integrated Password Management System is initially installed by our team of technical support professionals at no additional charge to our merchants. The system is designed to be implemented on a Unix platform. Required items are FTP access to your server, and a Unix host with perl 5 (or greater) and cgi support. You should contact your ISP to verify that you have these capabilities. Your next step is to fill out our request form to have password management installed on your site. Or, if you like you can read the installation instructions and attempt to install our management system yourself.

We do have options available for Password Management for Windows Based systems. Please contact one of our technical support professionals for additional details. There are charges involved with the installation of the Windows Based Password Management, but not for talking to us about it.

Advanced Intergrations, Third-Party software intergrations, re-installs, and hosting relocations are billed at the current Web Administrator's rate. Call or write for quotes on these services.

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