Credit card processing is nothing new. Every time you go to the store, you hand your credit card to a cashier that quickly scans your card through a little box or the register. The credit card and Point of Sale (POS) information is transmitted to a credit card clearing center. This clearing center determines the validity of the account by number, address, zip code and available credit limit. An "approval" or "decline" message is sent back to the merchantís machine.

When the bank (or Right Connection) sets you up with a MERCHANT ACCOUNT, you are asked how you will be completing transactions. Your choices are either your register (if equipped), a credit card processing machine (known as a "Zon"), or a computer program that allows you to type in the customerís information with your keyboard instead of number/alpha key programming.

Faster Order Processing ...

Under normal conditions, you would receive your Internet orders for products, memberships and services by results and an e-mail form. You would spend most of your day manually entering this information into a computer program Ö or worse, a 12-key "Zon" machine. This can be VERY time consuming and problematic when customers invert numbers or insert wrong information. On membership web sites, you either have to validate the customer and allow immediate entry, or wait until the next day to make sure the card is good before assigning a User ID and Password. This causes many hours of grief for you and lost customers when they move on to automated sites.

The Solution ...

Right Connection's intelligent software takes the place of the "Zon" machine and other expensive software programs. We interface directly with your web site, removing you from the task of entering the information. Our software confirms the customers credit card information BEFORE he/she can successfully submit the information to our servers. This eliminates the time consuming steps of e-mailing the customer back for the correct credit card information when the transaction fails. The customer MUST complete the form with the CORRECT information for processing to begin. Our software also returns messages to the customer if the information is not valid. The customer can then double check and re-enter the information correctly. This could take days if your were to do this by e-mail!


  • Your PAY/JOIN/CHECKOUT button sends the customer to our SECURE commerce servers.
  • We store static web pages that appear to be part of your web site, greeting the customer and asking for the required information.
  • The customer fills in the required information and clicks the SUBMIT button.
  • Our SECURE credit card commerce servers process the transaction and obtain an "Approval" or "Decline" from the credit card clearing house. This is done by several servers and modem banks that make contact and "speak" to the credit card clearing computers in their language.
  • Our servers process this information and either thank the customer and return them to YOUR web site, or asks the customer for additional information to complete the transaction.
  • All of this happens within seconds ... in fact, most transactions happen within a minute of the customer clicking on your PAY/JOIN/CHECK OUT button. Itís fast ... seamless and makes you money while you sleep or market your site.
  • Isnít it worth the small transaction fee to have someone stay up all night long waiting for your customers to spend money? Of course it is!
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