You have my interest ... NOW WHAT ?

Okay ... you have a web site ... you have content and you have customers. Now you need to figure out how to take credit card orders from these customers in a friendly easy-to-use method twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week … even while you sleep!

Here’s what you need to do: Number 1

First things, first. You need a Credit Card Merchant Account (CCMA). A credit card merchant account is different from your business bank account. First you need a business bank account, then you need a Credit Card Merchant Account. Credit Card Merchant Accounts are issued by banks, but rarely the same bank as your Business Bank Account.

WATCH OUT ... There are many companies out there offering to accept credit cards on your behalf. In many states, this is considered "Credit Card Factoring," and highly against MasterCard/Visa rules. Not only is factoring illegal, they take up to 20% of your gross sales! And what if they don't pay as promised? You have no leg to stand on! Why give away your profits? Why not do business ligitimately like millions of other businesses do and obtain your own Credit Card Merchant Account? Banks have changed their business outlook toward e-commerce and now see billions of dollars is sales passing them by. Merchant Accounts are now easier to get.

Right Connection NEVER touches your money. We simply create the transaction that moves the funds from the customers credit card account, directly into YOUR bank account. Funds normally show up in your bank account with 48 banking hours of the daily batch closing. It's really simple, it's safe, it's less expensive, and it's the real way to do business. We can't think of any ligimate retail business on the street that would allow a company they have never seen to accept money from goods and services they sell ... then wait for a check from these people. Would you?

Now is the time to make your business look, act and feel like a real business. The e-commerce rush is happening with a few keystrokes of your goods and services. Are your ready? The Internet gives everyone the opportunity to play on a level playing field. You can look like the biggest player in your field with a professionally designed web site, a business appearance and the instantaneous acceptance of credit cards. Take this opportunity to make your web site a ligitimate smoothly operating business and watch its value grow!

Partnership Accounts

Partnerships - If you are just not in the position to get a business bank account and Credit Card Merchant Account, we have packages that solve all your e-commerce problems for you. We offer Web Site Creation, Hosting and E-Commerce Partnerships. For a flat fee, Right Connection will handle the whole package for you. Contact us for more details on these partnership packages. Right Connection

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