Sign-up with Right Connection by clicking HERE. This will take you to our New Merchant Sign-Up Wizard to help you establish your account with RIGHT CONNECTION. Right Connection has made selecting the right plan very simple. You either need a Credit Card Merchant Account, or you don't. If you have your own CCMA, Right Connection charges a modest $99.00 set-up fee to process your transactions twenty-four hours per day.

For you merchants requiring a Credit Card Merchant Account, Right Connection has formed alliances with some very high-volume Merchant Service Providers (MSP's), to help you obtain your CCMA for a combined low price for BOTH the CCMA and the on-line (real-time) processing account with Right Connection. There is no other deal like this on the net! Other agents on the Internet expect to make between $300.00 and $1000.00 for each customer they sign-up. This usually happens in leases for equipemnt and software not required for processing with Right Connection. Hidden fees and "programming fees" can make your set-up easily top $500.00 or more. Don't waste your money. Pay only one low price and have everything you need to process credit cards on-line and/or manually with ease.

If Right Connection's alligned MSP's are setting up your Credit Card Merchant Account with the bank for you, the bank process takes about five business days from the time the bank receives the completed application. Click HERE to quickly access the application for a Credit Card Merchant Account and Real-Time Processing. Certian risk factors can increase the time required to process some accounts. Your agent will go over your application in detail with you and answer all of your questions.

FREE WEBSITE BUILDING TOOL! If you ever had an experience with a "web designer," you will appreciate our new POScart Website Builder tool. Most web designers have no concept of the word "Finish." There is always something not finished on your soon-to-be released website. In reaction to this cry out for help, Right Connection has released POScart. If you have your text and images, our website builder tool can help you create a fully-functional modern website in a matter on minutes, and pretty informative and loaded with your products in a couple of hours. The more time you spend tweeking things, the better the site looks. We build you the basic building blocks and you enter your text and pictures. It's super simple and anyone can use it from any computer without any special tools. Go ahead, give it a try .... we will bet you can make a site in 30 minutes or less.

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